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And so what if you can’t hold a tune, showing a girl you know how to have fun will earn you a major plus.

Just do not force her to get on the stage until she is fully prepared and relaxed. Just steer away from ballads that are too romantic.

You can visit the local playground and swing side by side or go climb a tree or something.

Also, you can go to an amusement park for a merry-go-round tour.

Almost every major city has “cooking for couples” one night classes, so give it a try.

Creating a succulent dish together on your first date seems like a great opening for future get-togethers.

The take-her-to-a-French-restaurant thing is so yesterday’s fashion, and it seems that everything we can do is repeat (endlessly) the been-there-done-that situations, even though we want to have THE perfect date with that one girl.

It probably required a bit of an effort to ask her out, so make sure that the date will be fun for both of you!

Luckily for you, pub quizzes have become a regular thing, and it will be easy to find some on the evening of your date.Maybe your girl on high heels will not be in the mood for a zombie fight, but she could enjoy Mario Kart or air hockey.Another trap you could fall into is being too competitive.Taking your date to a rock concert might seem like a bad idea since you will not get a chance to talk and truly get to know each other. If the two of you have a great time, the door is open for a second date, when the pressure is not that high and when you have better chances of acting naturally.So, what do you say, loud music, a cold beer and jumping up and down never sounded better, right?

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