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You might also want to check out these pages: If you are here looking for information on how to sync your mobile device using Microsoft Active Sync technology, see the Active Sync project page.Syncing is beta quality code - to help fixing bugs and locating issues you need to be able to at least read logfiles!Hey, I've got a Funambol setup and contacts and calendar seem to be working correctly.In particular, I'm trying to sync with Outlook. Zimbra 8.0.6, Funambol 9 (tried 10, no change), connector 0.6.02 (tried 03.2,03.5 no change)Please help! Zimbra 8.0.6, Funambol 9 (tried 10, no change), connector 0.6.02 (tried 03.2,03.5 no change)Please help!Outlook doesn't always sync perfectly with mobile devices and there are numerous reasons.Resolving most can require specialized knowledge, so adopting some best practices is a good idea.Emails sent from the Blackberry are stored in the users Sent Items folder in Exchange and all without having to set up a Blackberry Enterprise Exchange Server and without having to start up and open POP3 on your Exchange server. It describes how to setup your phone, PDA, or Outlook to synchronize its data (calendar, events, tasks, notes) with Horde.

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In the web interface set up the following Set a rule in Outlook (because you are using Exchange this will be a constantly working Server side rule) to move any emails received from yourself to be moved into the Sent Items folder.To catch even those error message, you need to make PHP log errors to a file: edit your .Then try a sync and check if anything comes up in this log. Either upgrade to a newer Funambol client, or configure your web server to send deflate encoded HTTP responses for the horde directory, even if the client tells to do so.You will see for instance From: Joe Bloggs If you are having problems with the rules not matching, just check the email headers and set a rule to match the encoded address as well.Sending and receiving email is transparent to the end-user through the Blackberry and are sent and received as the primary email address in Exchange.

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