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The first mitzvah, to be fruitful and multiply, is essential to the survival of all of Mankind..." And yet, on the surface, "p'ru ur'vu" is not one of the commandments for the Bnei Noach. It would appear equally incumbent upon all Mankind. The Talmud explains that: "All mitzvot that were given to the Bnei Noach and *repeated* at Sinai, apply to both Jews and non-Jews.

Prohibition against eating a limb Prohibition against of a live animal. The commandment to establish courts Prohibition against of law. Thus, the Bnei Noach are excluded from this mitzvah.

Once freed from the burden of wanting to be like a man, she is able to be a woman wholeheartedly.

From that pure part of you – still unmarred from long years of hating – I want you to look at me and see what there is to this woman that you would find doing dishes, changing diapers, and making dinner for her husband every day.Right away you would probably classify me as one of those who had given up. I turned away from all the anger at “Bread and Roses” because it was on a dead-end street.All I knew then was that it couldn’t be the way for us to get somewhere.We had dismissed Judaism early on, as being unable to provide any solutions to the problems that were important to us.The graduation ceremonies from Judaism were held at gaudy Bar Mitzva receptions.

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