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I accepted the fact the first time I was coerced, and a lot of the time under the influence of illegal substances, but the questions turned like worms in my brain, "would I do it again? " Two decades later, and now an upstanding member of society, would I do it again out of my own free will? Stick my ass high in the air like a slut, and beg him to mount me, and use me, and pound me with his angry red dog cock?As the questions swirled in my head, one quick check between my legs provided the resounding answer that I couldn’t get myself to verbalize.This story forms part of the Julie Journals and for years has gone untold as many mainstream sites won't publish this subject matter.By way of background you may want to read The Julie Journals – The Biker Gang.I thought about it most nights, and especially when my boyfriend took me from behind, which is his favourite position.I would always close my eyes and imagine being covered by a dog’s heavy, furry body, and I would cum hard all over my boyfriend’s cock.Whispering to myself under my breath, affirming how I was a dog slut, I could feel myself getting hotter and hotter and the desire to tear my bottoms off and search for my dildo was intense.Resisting the urge, as my boyfriend was just upstairs, I had to make do with just pushing a finger deeply inside myself, then slowly sucking it clean. There had been a report recently in the news about a woman, who had been caught with a dog.

So here I was, just post my 40th birthday, having never shared my dog sex experiences with anyone offline, and I knew that I had to do something about that.This is a true story though I have changed a couple of names to protect the innocent (or the not so innocent) and because it's about me I have written in the first person as if I was recalling events for a diary at the time they happened, hope the style works for you.Closing my laptop I looked at the screen, half in frustration and half in planning.Usually, I started with just my fingers, but nearly always ended up using my dildo, as I fucked myself to toe-curling orgasms while I chatted. Even though I pleaded with him that a big, virile dog would be perfect protection for poor little me, stuck in the big house all on my own, my boyfriend stood his ground, and laughed at my argument, his hands holding his sides. " he said between bouts of laughter, "I have the deepest sympathies for any poor schmuck who decides to try to take advantage of poor little you," dissolving into tears at the last words.Never fully satisfied with masturbating, I would almost always beg my boyfriend to take me on all fours, so I could imagine he was a dog fucking me, as memories and fantasies merged together. The first two planets have aligned, as my boyfriend just informed me he needed to travel for work, and would be away for July, and half of August, giving me six weeks alone, at home, to execute this plan. With that idea scuppered, I actually thought about trying for a dog-walking job, but suspected the reality of the work involved would be a lot worse than the fantasy.

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