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In celebration of the 2017 UNESCO World Day for Audiovisual Heritage on the theme of ‘Discover Remember and Share’, FIAT/IFTA has taken an audiovisual look back at its own 40 year history in a series of interviews and moments in time from the archives which recall the founding of the Federation, its mission, growth, and impact since 1977.FIAT/IFTA celebrated its 40th anniversary with its founding President Anne Hanford, formerly of BBC Archives, in Mexico City in October as part of its World Conference Programme.The book offers tips and advice from dedicated professionals from all corners of the world for the preservation and creative use of sound and image heritage.As a resource, it aims to interest collectors, users and educators alike, as it offers compelling examples and strategies founded in evidence-based research.

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From Tuesday 24 to Saturday 28 October, we will be exhibiting the following films in 35mm prints restored by Cinemateca:24/10 - O Padre e a Moça (The Priest and the Girl) by Joaquim Pedro de Andrade (presenting Paulo José)25/10 - Quando o Carnaval Chegar (When Carnival Comes) by Carlos Diegues26/10 - O Homem Nu (The Naked Man), by Roberto Santos (presenting Paulo José)27/10 - Eles Não Usam Black-Tie (They Don't Wear Black Tie) by Leon Hirszman28/10 - Macunaíma, by Joaquim Pedro de Andrade (presenting Paulo José)Filmes cubanos con motivo del Día mundial del Patrimonio Audiovisual.

Its authors, who come from fifteen different countries and institutional contexts, explore the diversity of sound and image collections, and highlight innovative, creative and cost-effective strategies for coping with constant technological change and meagre resources.

Published jointly by ICCROM (organizers of the SOIMA training programme) and KIK-IRPA (hosts of the 2015 conference), it is now freely available as a resource on the Presto Centre Library under a Creative Commons license. La Cineteca Nacional de Chile celebró el Día Mundial del Patrimonio Audiovisual en el marco del VII Encuentro de Investigación sobre Cine Chileno y Latinoamericano, instancia que organiza la Cineteca y que reúne a especialistas de todo el continente.

Sendo o audiovisual o gênero documental mais impactado pela questão tecnológica e pelos desafios impostos pela era digital, acreditamos que, a Video Saúde/Icict e a Casa de Oswaldo Cruz têm um papel protagonista em discussões sobre o tema da preservação audiovisual, no âmbito da instituição", aponta um dos organizadores do encontro, João Guilherme Machado, da Video Saúde.

No campo audiovisual, a Fiocruz detém acervo de interesse especial ao campo da ciência e da saúde, com material histórico em diversos suportes, como filmes, fitas, dentre outros.

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