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Lecture on Apologetic (16 Lectures - MP3) Gordon H. Class 1, Class 2, Class 3, Class 4, Class 5, Class 6, Class 7, Class 8, Class 9, Class 10, Class 11, Class 12, Class 13, Class 14, Class 15, Class 16 These lectures are a summary of Dr. They do not allow direct linking to their audio files.

Augustine, Part 7-The Middle Ages, Part 8-Modern Philosophy Before Kant, Part 9-Immanual Kant, Part 10-Modern Philosophy After Kant, Part 11-Karl Barth #1, Part 12-Karl Barth #2.

While it closely approaches the hadrosauroids Equijubus and Probactrosaurus, which are both Asian, in the general form of the skull as well as various traits of the vertebrae and limbs, it is actually a more derived (advanced) hadrosauroid, closely related to the North American Protohadros.

This grouping, based on the straightness of the quadrate bone and scapula, represents an isolated, endemic radiation of hadrosauroids.

With increasing age, however, they became impervious to the crocodylomorphs, and mature individuals (at least eight to nine years in age) were preyed on by large theropods such as the neovenatorid Siats.

The crestless skull of Eolambia has a similar overall shape to those of Equijubus and Probactrosaurus.

All of the specimens have thus far been found in Emery County, Utah, in a layer of rock known as the Mussentuchit Member of the Cedar Mountain Formation.

Measuring up to 6 metres (20 ft) long, Eolambia is a large member of its group.

Since then, hundreds of bones have been discovered from both adults and juveniles, representing nearly every element of the skeleton. Does God Exist [Part I] Does God Exist [Part II] Evil, Pain, and Suffering Evolutionary Hoaxes Exposed The Fruits of Atheism The Existence of God The Historicity of Jesus How Old Is the Earth? Logic and Theology: Why Science Is Always False 16. Becoming a Christian Creation Versus Evolution Does the Bible Leave Room for Evolution? Logic and Theology: Vantillian Apologetics 01 - Arguments 02 - Conditionals 03 - Perception 04 - Memory 05 - Sources 06 - Emotions 07 - Relevance 08 - Fallacies 09 - Probabilities 10 - Conditional Probabilities 11 - Samples 12 - Applications 13 - Heuristics 14 - Biases 15 - Dissonance The Bible and Science The Bible and Prophecy The Bible and Archaeology Are There Mistakes in the Bible?Eolambia (meaning "dawn lambeosaurine") is a genus of herbivorous hadrosauroid dinosaur from the early Late Cretaceous of the USA. caroljonesa, named by paleontologist James Kirkland in 1998.

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