Facebook access token error validating application

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I tried everything I could find to troubleshoot this Facebook disconnected / "choose a farm" issue.I was writing support a long email describing everything I had unsuccessfully tried, and right before I sent it, I looked down and my friends list had loaded in Hay Day.I have tried everything to connect to Facebook, from watching videos do as asked but still not connecting, supercell team made it that my farm is connected to Facebook, been contacting them since Monday and they are ignoring me I am annoyed about.I go on holiday in 2 weeks and unless I am connected to face book I won't be able to play hayday on my phone out and about unless am in an wifi area, I currently access it in my i Pad only and my mobile is an android please help I recently had an issue with connecting to Facebook and thought I'd reply here with what caused the problem and how it was resolved.How many different devices are you playing from, and what models are they? Keep in mind that the Facebook ID support is referring to as "new" is actually the previously authorized original account that was replaced.If you ever bought diamonds, please attach a full copy of the Store receipt for your first ever order. After combing through years of purchase records in i Tunes and providing all the requested information, support was able to detach the incorrect Facebook profile.Frissts ta a piacols is akadozik...olyat sikerl venni amit nem akarok,de ami kne...

Here's a copy of the reply I received from support: In case, you don't have access to your old Facebook ID and you want to connect new Facebook ID to your farm.

how to run the script weekly is no prob, but how to post to the offline user is. thanks Tzook to tzook: That token you get from session must be saved somewhere so later your weekly script can access it and use it to post on token owners wall. I am trying to create a cron that updates multiple users status' using the access tokens I have stored in mysql. There is no need for "/AAAA/feed" where AAAA is user because when using that token given earlier, API acts like being that user itself. I currently use varchar 255 @ My Sql (since there has not been problems with that), but sure I should investigate that someday myself too. Its up to you what you display for user who accesses your application. But trough page- as far as I know it's not possible. While communicating with Daithi Sproule and myself many years ago you delivered my attention to it. I am not ungrateful today, although I understand you all produced it an excellent couple of years before!

I feel that modifying something like this would be where to start: //Retrieve user access_token from database $results = mysql_query("SELECT access_token FROM demographic ORDER BY access_token ASC"); while($access_token_array = mysql_fetch_assoc($results)) $comma_separated = implode(",", $list_access_token); //print_r ($comma_separated); //Array to post to wall $post = array( 'access_token' = I could I use this to post on the users wall weekly? I can post status in the wall, but when use cron not work... My code: api_client- Good morning , sorry to my english. You wrote "You are using access token to tell API whose wall to post." but i thought that the AAAA in "/AAAA/feed', 'POST', array ...." tells api whose wall to post. Janar, thank you so so much for writing such an easy to understand tutorial. For people who have not allowed you app yet it will ask permissions and its normal. Also not seeing such token @ Your question is confusing. But I see you are not doing anything with string returned by get Login Url() method. It had been a visit that is lovely, and you were very ample with advice and information! You added my attention to it while chatting in Minneapolis a few years ago with Daithi Sproule and myself.

Replace YOUR_PAGE_NAME_OR_ID with your page ID or alias. Check out article There is a subheading "Page Login". I have a question, everything works fine but the content that i add to facebook via php (wall post, new albums, images, etc.) are all only visible by me. a little question, this code works only when the user enters the script. that meant that the user entered the script gets msg 2 feed. I am going to store the token in DB but I cannot find what the length is... And if I look around I only see same questions all over the google. It’s significant that individuals appreciate how progression enables and innovations and move using the situations, but in addition we understand how we got there! Such a fantastic undertaking, and fitting tribute to Fraser.

So posting query becomes something like this: $res = $facebook- Ok, I dug a little bit into it. I want to make an script that will run weekly, and than post on the user's feed, without the need of him to enter the app. I hope it helps :) have you found a way to use more than one access token at a time in an array? "&grant_type=client_credentials I think my explanation is little bit confusing. If I want to post on users wall when he is not interacting with my application currently, I have to use access_token provided earlier by that user. do you know if there is a maximum access_token length stated in the OAuth 2.0 specification. Don't know is it true, but here it says its not defined at all. I am aware you all developed it a good couple of years ago, but I am not ungrateful today! Appropriate, and this type of superb project tribute to Fraser.

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