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They party with Anne, Janie and Mary-Margret all night and back at the hotel room in a five way orgy. ***** The day after our night with our new friends started slow due to a hang over.After showers and breakfast, my wife Rona asked me if I wanted to go out shopping with her for the day dressed up as Holly.I was going out in a evening dress and high heels in mid afternoon to shop. Brittany pulled a few things off the racks for me including some short skirts, cotton tops, and hooded sweaters. She could sense my nervousness and I was sure that she read me. "So, are you here for the big Diva Las Vegas convention," the blue eyed girl asked subtly. I cleared my throat and spoke in a higher pitched voice. "Yah, business has been booming all week for us because of it. I was in a denim miniskirt and a pink zip up hoodie.The first place we went to was a trendy women's store. I had gained my confidence going out at night surrounded by other trans ladies and cross dressers, almost exclusively at trans events. We then went to a shoe store and I picked up some open toe wedges which I wore right away and also picked up a pair of black stiletto heels.

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As I gently squeezed her nipples, her entire body shook and I could feel her pussy tense up and clamp tightly around my stiff member. She had lost all of her cool as she stared open mouthed at the two hunky male models. You are both so kind," I answered for us in my practiced female voice. "Oh that's very kind of you to say Christian but come on. We are just a couple of tourist from Kansas and there are so many fabulous ladies here of all genders," I claimed.

Rona has an obsession with watching Ru Paul's Drag Race on TV. He really loves how excited Rona gets when she watches it.

For their third anniversary, Hal and Rona go to Las Vegas during the big Trans convention called "Diva Las Vegas." They take in a drag show and they meet three new friends, two trans women and one cis gender woman (Janie, Mary-Margret and Anne) which gets Rona worked up.

I had felt so comfortable the day before that I agreed quickly.

I only had the one outfit and if I wanted to go to more events at the Diva Las Vegas convention, it seemed appropriate. An hour later, I was in wig, makeup and my white dress and heels.

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