Giant adult camel spiders

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New murals in the Sunken Pyramid are uncovered with 10, 30, 50, 70, 90, and 110 souls added.The first ushabti of a creature that the player turns in gives them full experience, and the following ushabti of that same creature gives the player 25% experience.The Codex is updated when a new creature's soul is captured in an ushabti and placed in the Chest of Souls, or when it is added to the player's personal Slayer dungeon.Souls added to the Codex award 250 reputation each.

It is obtained from Faiza after achieving level 99 Slayer.Turning in all souls at least once will complete the Slayer Codex, which will give a cumulative 1,522,375 Slayer experience.Completing the Codex and having unlocked the red version of the Slayer Master title from Rush of Blood unlocks the golden In order to fill the entire Codex, players will need level 117 Slayer (boostable) and level 115 Dungeoneering (which cannot be boosted). ) - Carroll Co., VA 6/17/06 Stonefly 8876 - Carroll Co., VA 7/5/07 Stonefly 8892 - Carroll Co., VA 7/5/07 Stonefly 9280 - Carroll Co., VA 7/8/07 Stonefly 170163 - Carroll Co., VA 6/13/09 Stonefly 1130059 - Carroll Co., VA 7/18/13 Lepdiostoma sp. 1130815 - Durham, NC 8/12/2013 Stonefly 7761 (Perlidae?

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