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Many of these designs, especially those produced for academic research projects (Open Eyes), have already been published openly on the internet.

There are also commercial products available -- costing in the range of ~,000 US or more-- that are specifically designed to enable people with ALS to communicate using their eyes.

But, In our case we need to use a lens with a shorter focal length than the one provided with the PS3, so some extra hacking is in order.

To recap and expand on how to mod the PS3 Eye for use with the Eye Writer software:1.

Our functional design specifications are as follows:1.

The Eye Writer should be as inexpensive as possible2.

Obviously, there are numerous ways to make eye-tracking hardware.

The camera should not auto-iris (or auto-iris should be disabled in the camera's driver).7.

IR LEDs should be used to illuminate the pupil Beyond that its up to you...

The size of the hole will depend on the size of the screw you intend to use. To create a hole ready for a 4-40 tap you would use a #43 drill bit (3/32nd).

You can use the tap and die chart linked below as a reference is you intend to use a different-sized screw. use the holes in the aluminum connector as a reference to mark where the holes need to be drilled in your glasses frame and then drill two holes that would accommodate a 4-40 screw (a #38 drill bit).3) using the tap handle and a 4-40 tap, you should tap the aluminum connector.

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