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But she was still upset later in the week, which was her right, so she asked if we could meet in person to discuss. We were both very passionate about our respective sides for different reasons, and I had awful images in my head of us getting increasingly agitated over beers in some bar in Brooklyn.

I love this friend dearly, and I didn’t want that to happen.

Engaging via text also allows me to know exactly what the person wants to talk about before I sit down so I can decide if I even In my experience, there are certain situations in which a text message confrontation is completely justifiable.

I’ve had mini breakups happen over text, because a guy I was barely seeing wanted to schedule a date to “talk” (a.k.a.

For me, not every argument (or every person) is deserving of an IRL chat.

If you’re looking to meet up in person to offer me that lifetime supply of wine, however, I’ll be there with bells on.

please don't judge me i am just a good girl gone bad...

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Our discussion wasn’t the most elegant debate, but we did eventually get to a point of understanding — and we both apologized.So, more often than not, I prefer to hash things out over text message.Don’t get me wrong: I’m not someone who shies away from confrontation or a healthy argument.For me, those are some of the scariest words that could ever flash across my i Phone screen.It’s like impending doom, because in my experience, the person sending that text never really has anything good to tell me.

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