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Mariam has also worked as a coordinator and a writer for the Afghan Women’s Writing Project.There Mariam gained a deeper understanding of women’s issues by translating their interviews from Persian to English.When I entered college, I broke the silence by spreading knowledge and experiences.

The reason why I picked this topic is because throughout my childhood I came across plenty of people who were victims of sexual assault, rape or domestic violence and who suffered emotionally and physically because of it.

She further believes that learning about leadership from women all over the world will help her reach her goal as a change maker.

Katelyn’s hope is to move from a male-dominated atmosphere toward a more balanced society where the needs of all individuals are addressed equally.

Becoming a member of the Women in Public Service Project is an important opportunity for Miriam to empower her to help others bring change in their communities.

Her current focus is on girls who are excluded from the society they live in, just because they are women/girls.

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