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Relax into the position and hold for 10 long, deep breaths, advises Stiles. "Downward dog calms the mind and invigorates the body, both important ingredients in good sex," says Hanley.

"You can almost feel the tension sliding off your back when you do this pose. In this pose, you wrap one leg around the other like a rope. When you release, all the blood rushes through the cervix, which primes the whole area for some TLC.

"It relieves fatigue, calms the mind, lessens symptoms of depression and anxiety, and eases digestive problems," she says. "Everything that helps you to be in the moment is going to help you be more sensual," she explains. Take long, deep breaths while resting in this position.

Child's pose is very soothing and can really tune the mind to the body. "When your attention is focused on your breath instead of your thoughts, you are brought right into the moment, which helps for all sort of things, including time in between the sheets." See the move here.

Plus, you've got your butt up in the air, which is about as 'come hither' as it gets! Don't be intimidated by this move, she says; it's not as challenging as it looks.

If this is your first time practicing yoga, don't worry; we've linked each pose to a video tutorial so you can learn them at your own pace..According to Hanley, this pose can help alleviate PMS and menopause––both of which can make you feel as sexy as a sack of potatoes––and it promotes healthy function of the reproductive organs."Plus, it teaches you how to get comfortable with being vulnerable, which true, mind-blowing intimacy requires," adds Hanley. "Pigeon is the best way to release deep tension in the hips and put the mind in total chill mode," says Stiles.Collins English Dictionary - Complete & Unabridged 2012 Digital Edition © William Collins Sons & Co. It’s the perfect way to celebrate friendship with Thomas.

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