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It is underpinned by a DELT A database (Dallwitz 1980; Dallwitz, Paine & Zurcher 1993) containing 104 taxa and 134 characters.

The system comprises an interactive identification programme, based on Intkey (Dallwitz, Paine & Zurcher 1995), descriptions and illustrations of all polychaete families and higher taxa, a glossary of technical terms, and a comprehensive bibliography. Improvements in operation including ability to do identifications and interrogations in both normal and advanced modes, the default identification mode is now set to exclude higher taxa, improvements to the quick identification tool, user warnings have been added to inform the user about the use of certain options, and some corrections to the coding of higher taxa (and their HTML description files).

allows the user to obtain identifications of adult polychaetes from any part of the world as well as family descriptions and general information on taxonomy, biology and ecology.

If you use any of the startup file instead opens the text file of in your browser (Netscape browsers especially) then choose to "Save Link as" (Right mouse click in Netscape) or "Save this file to disk" (Internet Explorer) to put into your top level Delta folder. At the end of an identification/interrogation session you can choose to save the dataset locally to your hard drive (polikey.db) and index the dataset within Intkey.

Images and HTML files remain on the , you need the programme Intkey. Run this executable programme by double-clicking on it.

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There are presently over 1000 genera, 82 families and 17 higher taxa, which currently have no formal Linnaean rank.

It system provides for: 1994); the WWW key Tax Info by the Natural History Museum (London) deals with the main benthic families of Thailand and EPIC-online (Easy Polychaete Identification Classification Online) is a WWW key to polychaete families found in Singapore waters developed by Lim Yun Ping, National University of Singapore. Dr Chris Glasby Curator of Worms, Natural Sciences Museum & Art Gallery of the Northern Territory, GPO Box 4646, Darwin NT 0801, AUSTRALIA E-mail: [email protected] Ph: 61-8-8999 8108 Fax: 61-8-8999 8289 Dr Kristian Fauchald Section of Invertebrate Zoology, Systematic Biology, Smithsonian Institution, PO Box 37012, NHB, W213, MRC 0163 Washington, D. 20013-7012, USA E-mail: [email protected] Tel: 1-(202) 357 4757 Fax: 1-(202) 357 3043 Users: Before proceeding to use please contact the first author [[email protected]].

Information on Intkey and other DELTA programmes (including how to obtain programmes) is available at the DELTA web site.

Polychaetes are a group of segmented worms belonging to the phylum Annelida.

Many text books treat them as a natural ‘monophyletic’ group and have assigned them the rank of Class.

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