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The forgetting also sows confusion and mistrust at home, when many in the black, Hispanic, and Asian-American communities, and other large swaths of the U. population, point out open wounds still affecting life in America today, only to be ignored or told to move on by people who at other turns claim to care deeply about preserving the legacy of the past.There’s another possibility as well: that Trump and his advisors know more about the real history than they let on, and that they intend to repeat it.Snopes first rated the “pig’s blood” story as false back in 2001, when a version emerged as an email forward shortly after the Sept. It was also shared at the time at a dinner party by Democratic Senator Bob Graham, then the chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee.It appeared periodically since, before making its way to Trump.Almost every warrior, woman, and child in the cotta died,” Abinales and Amoroso have written. Though there is no evidence of anyone shooting anyone with bullets dipped in pig’s blood, according to Pershing's memoirs, he did know about a tactic some American soldiers employed of occasionally burying Moro fighters with pig carcasses—a tactic the mostly Christian invaders thought might scare them into submission. Instead, it was Pershing’s slaughter of civilians and fighters at Bud Bagsak that all but ended the Moro Rebellion, ensuring the southern islands would be incorporated into the Philippines and the first major territory in what would become America’s global empire. colonization of the Philippines continued until Dec.Nor did it result in 42—or 35, or even 25—years of peace. 8, 1941, when in a coordinated attack with their strike on the U. fleet in the similarly occupied territory of Hawaii (on the other side of the date line), the Japanese invaded, drove out the Americans and took over the Philippines for themselves.By the end of the attack, the Muslim fighters had run out of bullets, and were left throwing their barong knives and daggers at the Americans.

(The original version of his nickname was “Nigger Jack.”)In 1913, Pershing personally led American and Filipino troops in a fight against the last holdouts of Moro resistance in a cotta, or fort, on the mountain Bud Bagsak.In the first decades of the 20th century, Muslim Filipinos weren’t targeting American cities or kidnapping tourists. troops battled Filipino nationalists on the predominantly Catholic northern and central islands, until the provisional government was finally captured and surrendered.They were attacking American soldiers for one simple reason: The United States had invaded and was occupying their home. officials, including President William Mc Kinley and his imperialist assistant secretary of the navy, Theodore Roosevelt, saw an opportunity to colonize the islands and take their land, resources and markets for trade—a new outpost of expansion at a moment when, for the first time since the arrival of European settlers, there was nothing left to conquer on North America. As thousands of Americans and as many as 220,000 Filipinos died in that phase of the war, the U. had mostly avoided conflict in the southern, predominantly Muslim islands, including Mindanao and the Sulu Archipelago. and Muslim tribes was brokered by the sultan of the Ottoman Empire.Another day, another sputtering orgy of confusion following a cryptic Donald Trump tweet. Pershing once ended a wave of Muslim terrorism in the Philippines by executing prisoners with bullets dipped in pigs’ blood.This one came Thursday, a few hours after a van plowed into a crowd on the Barcelona pedestrian mall of Las Ramblas, an attack claimed by the reeling Islamic State. Other superstitious fighters were so terrified by the prospect of being killed while touching part of a forbidden animal, the story goes, that fighting immediately stopped, for some period of time.

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