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My only logical conclusion was that the site, and all sites like it - especially the ones which try to make you pay for (viewing or using) messaging services - are NOT WORTH any time.Sure, you could set up a ghost for searching thanks to the options that were there - if they still exist, but do not consider anyone as all their profiles are dead, or they want your body more than your entire self.Although I gave negative feedback I had done absolutely nothing wrong.POF seems to have more than its fair share of people with issues and problems...bunny boilers, psychos, neurotics, social mistfits, narcissists etc Maybe I was just unlucky but I won't be using that site again and wouldn't recommend it to anyone.I wasn't blocked however I did block several men so if that was the reason for booting me off than Markus is pathetic. He's always sending unwanted emails to my inbox and it seems if I ignore and not act on them than he considers that a violation.I believe most of the men on the site are losers anyway and not worth it.I have a few other things to say, though.1: Dating, or at least online, has been monopolized.Every site I have come across forces you to pay to see who saw you, or locks ordinary features like messaging behind misleadingly free paywalls, or ends up removing features.

Not to complain, of course.-Almost nobody read my profile at all.-Then my profile was deleted, with no way to make a new account or to make amends, I learnt that dating online was, for this most part, a waste of effort. I suspect, however, for my fate on that site to be the same as the former. Most of the profiles referred to you will be inactive and non responsive. And yes right now, no idea what happened but the amount of fake profiles is just outrageous! It's incredible It's a pity that POF has moved away from being a completely free site.-Irrelevant fact: Own sister used this site and succeeded. Moral of this review: Don't expect anything good to come of mainstream dating sites. POF describes itself as free to use but it's not as I've just found out, since downloading the app an hour ago I have 45 blokes that 'want to meet me' but I can't see who they are unless I upgrade to a monthly subscription! So I guess I won't be meeting anyone, they shouldn't advertise the site as being free when it's not! And it's not like it's hard to spot them, they have taken all the pleasure away. I set up an account on POF and the following day I was sent a feedback request.I returned it giving them a poor 2 stars politely stating that they are too commercialised now but it was unlikely they would act on my comments because POF is all about making money...30 minutes later my account was deleted!If you want to do it without Facebook, here are eight options.This was the first time I stepped outside of my comfort zone. Profiles with what can only be described as 'lewd' images of females, with URLs to fake sites (which have become INCREDIBLY COMMON before my unexpected permanent unauthorized deletion).

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